Beverly Hills Green Cross (BHGC) (Closed)
2370 Robertson Blvd., West LA, CA 90034
Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00am-8:00pm
Phone: (310) 837-4420
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Reviewed Sat, 25 Apr 2009 18:42:00 PST

(Closed) Beverly Hills Green Cross (BHGC) is located on Robertson, in LA, near Beverly Hills, and about a mile and a half south of Wilshire Blvd. There is a big custom/handmade sign that is visible from the street. It reads Tara's Tease and Beverly Hills with a big Green Cross below. The famous Craig X who founded Temple 420 and has written many articles for High Times magazine owns BHGC. Do a YouTube search for him. The dispensary is actually more of a complex that consists of a T-Shirt shop, a Dispensary, a little Temple and office in the back. This place is very easy to find as long as you look for the sign with the Green Cross, there is plenty of parking in the small lot directly in front of this place, and there are meters on Robertson Blvd. Enter the T-Shirt shop, get verified and then someone will guide you into the dispensary.

This place has a unique setup. As you get verified in the T-Shirt shop, BHGC is a single room with a small window in the back that the medication is passed through. When you enter there are some white leather couches around a coffee table to the right in this white walled and white-carpeted room. To the left there are some shelves and a display case that holds various medicating accessories. BHGC carries bongs, B-Line, pipes, clear Aledinha rolling papers and lighters. There was also a redish rug on the floor.

Another original thing at this dispensary is that the coffee table by the couches actually is divided into sections and they have sample nugz and various meds on display under the glass. Basically they guide you in, have you sit on the couch (which is very comfy btw) and then you can see all the meds up close and in good light. The only thing we did not like about this is that you can not smell the nugz and you can not see exactly what you are getting unless they get someone else to pass it through the window in the back, behind the display case, on the other side of the room, it seems like a hassle. The flowerz here did look super dank and the prices are extremely compassionate. All 8ths are capped at $50 and grams are capped at $20. The Banana True OG, Blackberry Kush, Purple Gods Gift, Silver Star, Euphoria, and Gush all looked amazing! They had keif, hash, various oils and concentrates including Banana and PGA ear wax. There is a 7 gram sampler special where you get to try 1,1 grams of 7 different strains for $120... not a bad deal!

Beverly Hills Green Cross, more of near the Border of Beverly Hills Green Cross is a chill spot and the staff is uber compassionate. The T-Shirt shop is Dope with a capital D and is run by Craig X's wife and kids. They really have a nice family business going on here. You can visit the T-Shirt store for some cool cannabis/marijuana/420 related clothing and accessories without being a verified patient. We do recommend this place for the compassionately priced meds though. The prices are great the selection is pretty good too. Check out BHGC and make sure to tell them you read this review. Keep medicating!

Selection:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Pricing:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Staff:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Security:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Parking:    [ 4 / 5 ]

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