Hollywood THC (HTHC) OPEN TIL 2AM!!!
5322 Sunset Blvd. (2nd Floor), Hollywood, CA 90027
Hours: 7 Days a Week 11am-2am
Phone: (323) 465-9513
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Reviewed by info@weedconnection.com
Reviewed Thu, 26 Feb 2009 04:20:00 PST

Hollywood THC is located on Sunset Blvd. on the East side of Hollywood (and the 101 Fwy) between Serano and Hobart. They are on the second floor above a small liquor store. The two-story structure is white and green and there is a big banner lined up with the roof says Hollywood THC. It is hard to miss. There are small parking lots on both sides and there are a few meters on the street. HTHC recommends the liquor store parking lot on the West (right) side. There is a small flight of stairs behind the white gate on the left. The front door was open when we visited, but it has a buzzer on it. They have video surveillance and cops patrolling around the perimeter so it is safe at night.

The waiting room had a couch and a big flat screen. They left the remote out, which was cool because we were able to flip to the Lakers game. There are some random stoner posters and stuff on the walls, a chair in the corner with a chill guitar that was painted white and green with a big bud leaf on it, and it sounded like someone was having fun in the medication room. We put some Weed Connection cards on the coffee table and bookshelf along with some other promotional materials and publications. On the far side there is a small verification window. The medication room is small and they were taking their time with each patient, so the wait was a little longer even though verification was quick. We did not mind because we were watching the Lake Show!

The medication room at Hollywood THC is smaller in size, but the selection was pretty good. They had two cases, which were filled with 17 strains, smoking accessories, some hash, hash oil and concentrate, cookies, cakes, cupcakes. There are a small fridge and water cooler next to the door. The fridge has some edibles and 420 Energy Drinks. We tried one here for the first time and it was actually really tasty... better than a Red Bull. The buds were priced $20-30/gram, $45-$85/8th, $160-300/HalfO, and $300-$575/Ounce. The most expensive one is their house strain, which is called Black Diamond. They gave us some to take home. It was dank, but not as good at the Fire OG #2. That was the CHRONIC. We tried some in the store with some of their homemade hash oil (made from kif from their top flowerz) and boi were we blitzed. Also saw some super dank Blueberry x Afgoo, some bomb GDP, Sour Diesel, and Big Purp. The prices here were on the high end, but so are most of their meds. However, they do have some meds that are more compassionately priced at $15/gram, $45/8th.

The best thing about HTHC is that they are open until 2:00am, 7 Days a week. They are one of the only clubs that is open after 12am, let alone 7 days. If you are in need of meds late at night and live anywhere remotely near, then you should definitely stop by. Check them out anyways. The staff is nice, very knowledgeable, and they treat their customers right. Mention Weed Connection dot com and they will definitely take care of you.

Selection:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Pricing:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Staff:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Security:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Parking:    [ 4 / 5 ]

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