7555 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm
Phone: (818) 994-3446
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Reviewed by heavyhits@weedconnection.com
Reviewed Fri, 20 Apr 2007 04:20:00 PST

Kushism is a brand new dispensary located in Van Nuys. They are on the corner of Woodley and Saticoy. Look for the Kushism sign on the front of the building and park in the small lot on the Saticoy side of the building. The reception room here is set up well. The purple and blue walls are covered with classic rock and movie posters. This place has the stoner rocker feel. There is a couch, a lava lamp, and gummy worms to munch on while you wait to be verified at the standard reception window. After being verified we were lead through a short hallway that acts as a man-trap between the reception and medication rooms. The medication room and the selection were smaller than expected. There were 13 strains and some cookies from Gunters Goodies. Grams here cost from 15-23 and 8ths were 45-65. A few strains caught my eye, the Pure Kush and Sour OG and both were priced on the higher end. We tried some Green Crack and XXX-Treme. The meds we tried were good for pain and relaxation, but don\'t plan on doing anything but laying on your couch after you medicate. They have a deal here where they stamp a card every time you make a purchase. Once you collect 5 stamps you get a free gram. This is a nice system and more dispensaries should probably adopt it. Kushism is set up well, has a chill name, and a friendly staff. Kushism is proud to offer workshops that cover various topics relevant to the healing and wellness of their patients. (Topics include Anxiety, Depression, and Coping with Terminal Illness) The Kushism environment is one that encourages healing through positive outlets, and not simply medication alone. The atmosphere provides comfort and art. Give these guys a visit if you are in the area.

Selection:   [ 3 / 5 ]
Pricing:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Staff:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Security:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Parking:    [ 4 / 5 ]

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