Mary Jane's Bud (MJB) - Ventura County - DELiVERY - CLOSED
DELIVERY, Ventura County, CA
Hours: 7 Days a Week 10:00am-8:00pm
Phone: (800) 768-0292
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Reviewed Fri, 26 Feb 2010 13:42:00 PST

CLOSED - Mary Jane's Bud services all of Ventura County...we were able to convince them to deliver to A-Town (LA County)! At first I was skeptical ordering blind. I like walking into collectives / dispensaries and playing with all of the medication. Smell is also very important to me as my nose knows. However, the bud tender's nose usually knows too, and they usually try their own budz, so I went with their recommednation. After registering through their legit online verification system, I faxed my original physician's recc, which was followed by a phone call from MJB that let me know I was verified. I ordered the "First Time Patient Weed Connection Sampler Bag" for $60. I received a gram of Banana OG, Blue Dream, Trainwreck, and Mango; plus three free edibles!!! The nugz were very nice, good packaging, tastey edibles, and they delivered to me in under an hour after saying it could take up to two hours. I encountered absolutely no problems and am very satisfied with my purchase. I recommend Mary Jane's Bud / delivery to patients residing in Ventura County as there are no dispensaries in the area. Give them a try and make sure to mention that Weed Connection referred you!!!

Selection:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Pricing:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Staff:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Security:       [ 4 / 5 ]
Parking:     [ 5 / 5 ]

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