Medicinal Caramel
Acquired From: Berkeley Patients Care Collective (BPCC)
Price: Free Gift... $8-10?
Reviewed By:
- Mon, 05 Oct 2009 04:20:00 PST

The Medicinal Caramel from Berkeley Patients Care Collective (BPCC) was packaged in a small plastic take-out sauce style container. There is a label that instructs the patient to keep this edible medicine frozen and out of the reach of children and pets. It suggests a dosage of one ounce, which is the entire container. There is an expiration date of anyone can hold on to his or her medz that long! Most importantly, the ingredients are listed: corn syrup, brown sugar, white sugar, cannabutter, and vanilla extract.

At the time I ingested this medication it was a sticky and gooey mess that had to be dug out of the package with my finger. It tasted like 50% caramel and 50% chronic...the flavor you get when you chew on a stem plus yummy caramel. The special effects kicked in quicker than I had imagined, while I should not have been driving the HIGH-way. After about forty-four minutes and twenty seconds I began to feel a relaxing body high and was getting drowsier than I had anticipated...but I was driving...finally a reason to drink one of these 420 Hemp Energy Snaps that has been chillin in the back of my car.

Time to ignite! So I downed the energy drink in attempt to fight the caramel and continue on my way. It was not working. I proceed to battle the buzz with a few puffs off the free pre-rolled joint of Purple Kush that was also given to me as a gift from BPCC. The combo-drank-sip-sip-puff-puff-pass balanced out the drowsiness for about another forty-four minutes and twenty seconds until the more potent medical edible ooo-ooo-caramellow won the battle and forced me to pull over for a burger, fries and caffeinated soda. All in all, the caramel is best taken forty-five to an hour before bed by patients who have trouble falling asleep at night. Will put that insomnia to rest fo sho. BPCC is chill for the ill, near Cal Berkeley. Do not medicate and drive! Definitely do not drink and drive, unless you are drinking 420 Energy Drank!

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Medicinal Caramel

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