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Reviewed By: maryjane@weedconnection.com
- Fri, 14 Sep 2012 04:20:00 PST

Cinderella99 is a sweet sativa strain, which means it is an upper. The nugs are small and dense, covered in tiny trichs, and smell and taste sweet, fruity, and piney. The label/name is totally girly, especially when compared to other more hardcore names both for unique strains, and also as common references to that killer bomb chronic. There is a lot to be said about the language used in reference to medical cannabis. As we have stated before, the lingo is part of our culture, so fuck anyone who has a problem with freedom of speech. Having said that, we omitted the space between the name and the number, so this does not show up in childrens' search results. Additionally, and possibly most importantly, the name and effects of this strain and other girly strains/names have more than medical benefits. If you medicate socially, you know, like at a verified patient party, this gently fading, nonthreatening strain(name) is purse with ladies; just saying, make sure to bring your glass slipper pipe, vaporizer, or medicating device. Aside from that, the high is functional and all of the strains we review honestly have various medical benfits. Get Cinderella99 and other dank medz at OGR. Mention @WeedConnection


Drake (feat T.I. & Swizz Beatz) - Fancy

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