Acquired From: few spots have this in the LA area... email me
Price: $20/45/90/180/350
Reviewed By:
- Sun, 04 Dec 2011 04:20:00 PST

LSD is some bomb chron. Some say it is a cross between Lifesaver x Diesel and others claim Skunk x Mazar. Personally, I just think of it as chronic and equate it with a fine Bubba Kush, except more frosty. These nuggets are covered in trichs and are usually more fluffy, less dense, than OG or Bubba. LSD is indica dominant and the fade is very relaxing. Email me to find out when and where to get this strain. Also, we need more advertisers, so please tell your collectives to get on here. FYI Weed Connection dot com is now formatted for most smart phones.


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