Manager's Special (Kush from WVPG)
Acquired From: WVPG
Price: $20/G - $60/8th
Reviewed By:
- Tue, 03 Feb 2009 04:20:00 PST

Cruised over to WVPG and picked up some of the Manager's Special (yes that is what the label says). Originally wanted the bomb chronic people will drive hours for... Legend. Have a hunch the manager wanted anyone reading this review to ask for their recommendation; so they get you the good ish. WVPG had many top-notch strains to choose from, they were out of the legendary Legend, yet I am once again happy leaving this place with some recommended fiya!

The buds are light green with frosty crystals and orange-brownish hairs. Looks like a cross between OG and Bubba, more like Bubba, but has more of the pungent, stanky OG smell and taste. The room started to smell like Kush almost immediately after opening the pop-top. Perfectly groomed with no big stems or leaves. Not too moist, not to dry, but cured just right. Heady high that also made my body feel relaxed.

Definitely like this place and the people there. Weed Connection recommends you drop by and ask for the Legend or for the "Manager's Special." Just make sure to tell them you read this review on Weed Connection dot com.

We will put up a better pic from this place after I replace the new camera that was stolen from WC on NYE. Check back soon for more new reviews and an updated directory!

Manager's Special (Kush from WVPG)

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