Pure Kush 215
Acquired From: Westside Caregivers (215)
Price: $20/g, $65/8th
Reviewed By: heavyhits@weedconnection.com
- Sat, 04 Aug 2008 06:36:00 PST

This medication is light green with a tint of green on the leaves. There are plenty of dark orange hairs. A light layer of crystals covers the outside. You can see that the crystals work their way inside when you break up your bowls. These nugs are nice and dense; although, they could use a little bit more curing. The smell is not very strong even when broken up. The smell is light and the aroma is like a tiny bit of spicyness with a fruity tint of the citrus variety. This Pure Kush is indoor-grown and of the indica class. It is good for insomnia and for CHRONIC pain; cuz these meds will definitely help you sleep tight. I took a hit from my freshly cleaned ROOR and would say that it was very smooth and refreshing. The smoke is smooth and citrusy with somewhat of a sour taste. Most definitely had a strong kush taste. All and all, the high is relaxing with a mellow body stone and a clean head high. I really like this stuff; although, it is an indica, but it did not knock me out, however, I have got a HIGH tolerance.

Pure Kush 215

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