Acquired From: OGR, AHS, SSC, UC
Price: $10/G, 30/8th, 60/Q, 120/hO, 240/O
Reviewed By: ruca@weedconnection.com
medz :: strains
- Wed, 09 Dec 2015 04:20:21 PST

Snozzberry is some chronic that tastes like Snozzberry. This hybrid tree is alleged to have Lavender / Purple Urkle indica roots crossed with a sativa Chem Dawg / Snowcap strain. The nugs are dense, frosty, smell strong and sweet and hit smooth. The high is chill and uplifting. Side effects include the munchies. Good for anxiety, stress, nausea, etc. Email for more information, locations, and custom recommendations. Support, subscribe, follow, share, like, and light it up @WeedConnection


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