Sour Diesel OG
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- Thu, 29 Apr 2010 04:20:00 PST

Sour and Diesel mated and created the hybrid known as Sour Diesel who had babies with OG, thus bringing SOUR DiESEL OG into our world! Sour Diesel OG was one of the best hybrids around when launched in 2006. Some claim this hybrid to be sativa dominant while others claim indica dominant. Some say po-tate-tow and some say poh-tot-tow! Personally, we like Frech fries and getting fried, this batch fades...the body, so we will call it an indica dominant hybrid in regards to the effects. The nugs are a darker shade of green, frosty with orangish-light-brownish hairs, small and dense. There is definitely an OG Kush smell and taste. I recommend this hyrdo-grown to those seeking some sort of relief and relaxation before, but not right before bed. Check out [removed for now] for some bomb budz! Write down and mention Weed Connection referred you!!! First time patients ask for the Sandwich Gift Card!!!

Sour Diesel OG    Sour Diesel OG

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