Four Strains One Blunt
Acquired From: Dibos Master and GMH of Los Angeles
Price: $Coast to Cost Flight, MMJ Recommendation, LA Weed Connect, Cash Money
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- Mon, 04 Jan 2010 00:04:20 PST

This is from the 2009 Unscripted and Unreleased photo set. One of our East Coast Connects, the Vanilla Dutch Master, visited Los Angeles, saw one of our physicians, and then met up with us. We already had some of LAze finest medicine on deck: XXX OG Kush, Dibos OG Kush, Jack Herer, and Banana OG Kush. The Vanilla Dutch Master twisted a fine blunt, but was not prepared for the killa Cali kush and passed out about three quarters of the way through the blunt. Granted we did have a few beers at Happy Endings, it was a late night session, and he was traveling...all of the other patients we were with ditched the rotation for bed as I hopped on my bike-cycle, blunt in hand, and puffed this thing as I cruised home down Sunset Blvd... Look for the video of me on my bike in the Munchies/Entertainment! PS I heard the Vanilla Dutch Master, who does have legit medical recc, visited the old Sunset Shop (ZZZ in WeHo) and picked up a couple ounces of Purple Kush the next day before heading back East. LOLz FREE THE WEED (at least for medicinal) =P

Four Strains One Blunt

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