Vapor Cone + Med Stick
Acquired From: AHS
Price: $ Gift
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- Sat, 07 Jul 2012 04:20:00 PST

The Vapor Cone and Med Stick are like two separate products, which form one medicating device. The Med Stick is the what powers this electronic intrument. It has a USB charger. The Vapor Cone is the mouth piece and the atomizer, which is the heating element. Unlike other vapor cigs or pens, which we have experimented with in the past, this one has a small wick-like filament, which heats up the wax (is the recommended extract/medication for this device). You can only pack a little bit in at a time, and it can get clogged, but it hits well. This is the lower end of the vaporizers/vaporpens sold at AHS. Visit AHS for kush, wax, and a vaporizer. Mention @WeedConnection

Vapor Cone + Med Stick

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