Presidential OG
Acquired From: WVC
Price: $20/G, $55/8th
Reviewed By:
- Sun, 11 Oct 2009 21:27:00 PST

Presidential OG from WVC is a rare OG Kush derivative. The owner of WVC gave me a gram to review on Weed Connection dot com. We made a little wager in regards to whether or not I would get the review up that night. Unfortunately, I lost the bet. On my way home I was busted by the po-po, taken to jail, and charged with a felony for possession of concentrated cannabis and marijuana. I respectfully made it clearly known that I am a patient, that I had original copies of recommendations from two physicians on me, and I let them (the cops) know I had already spoken with the watch commander at the sheriffs station after my recommendation was cleared by the judge after a previous unwarranted misdemeanor possession charge. What a joke of a waste of my time and our tax dollars! Quoting my homie Peter Tosh, "legalize it!"

My medication was recently returned three and a half months after I was busted. Out of all of the medication that was returned, this was not sealed up tight like tight rope. It lost a lot of its smell; although the sticky resin kept these nugz somewhat fresh to death...and I say to death because we just finished off the rest of the dub sack that came in an orange pop-top, bong R.I.P.--I have been known to frequent WVC for their consistent supply of both their exceptionally dank $100 OG for a G-Fiskal $55, and also for their second to best out of many Skywalker OG claims. This Skywalker is the bomb chron; however, the best and priciest can be found at ZZZ in WeHo. The Man, who gave me The Presidential, who has not returned any of my phone calls since I was released (hope to hear from you after you read this), claimed this would be the best OG I have ever had from his club; a club I visit specifically for the OG.

Like most OG, the nugz were small, dense, and green; covered with lots of trichomes, clear-ish crystals and long curvy brownish orangish hairs. The smell is manifestly pungent, especially when pinched or cracked open. OG is mostly desired for this smell and taste. Like all bomb OG, the buzz was very lengthy and uplifting with a penetrating full-bodied high that is sublime and euphoric. Akin to the original gangsta weed snobs this oger (oh-jerr) originates from Los Angeles, CA where pirate ships fueled by OG Kush cruise Sunset, Hollywood, Van Nuys, Melrose, Washington, Wilshire, and Ventura Boulevards. While I still think the look and smell of other OGs I have acquired at WVC is slightly better; The Man's claim was warranted because THE PRESIDENTIAL TASTES AND FEELS LIKE VICTORY! Victory because of the huge battle I fought and won in court and versus the sheriffs in order to get my medication back, Presidential OG included!! Check out WVC. They also have the same medz at West LA Caregivers in West LA area near LAX Airport. Tell them Weed Connection referred you. Keep medicating!!!

Presidential OG

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