Purple Kush Joint
Acquired From: Berkeley Patients Care Collective (BPCC)
Price: Free for First Time Patient
Reviewed By: heavyhits@weedconnection.com
- Fri, 23 Oct 2009 14:37:00 PST

Berkeley Patients Care Collective (BPCC) is a chill little collective on Telegraph near UCBerktreez. They gave us a free joint and a free caramel because we are too cool for school and cuz I take them heavy hitz! The packaging for this joint was very nice. There is a thin cardboard label that says Medi Cone at the top and bottom. This must be one of those pre-rolled rolling papers that you stuff with chronic. Attached to the label is a plastic piece, which holds a plastic cone shaped tube with a little pop-top that contains the coned shaped joint, keeps it fresh, and safe from getting squashed or bent. The label also reads "Purple Kush," informs patients that this is for medical use only and not for resale, lists the health and safety codes this is in accordnace with, and it most agreeably describes the flavor as sweet and floral with a strong earthy kush grape taste. The high is also sweet. As a matter of fact, the high is so sweet and the doobie is twisted so tightly that even those with a tolerance as HiGH as mine will have trouble finishing the entire joint (very dense and long-burning) without the help of another patient or multiple patients. Next time you are in Berkeley make sure to check out BPCC and do not forget to tell them Weed Connection referred you for the free first time patient gift! CLICK HERE to read the more entertaining review for the CARAMEL they also hooked us up with.

Purple Kush Joint

Purple Kush Joint

Purple Kush Joint

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